This national park is located in Germany's most northerly low mountain range. With its mixture of ancient myths and rugged terrain, it is a popular travel destination in Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony all year round.

The summit of Mount Brocken in Saxony-Anhalt at 1,141 metres at the heart of the Harz National Park is often enveloped in mist and has inspired many myths and legends about witches. Legendary forests and mysterious moors can, for example, be explored on the Goethe Trail or the Harz Witches' Trail – or even crossed on a leisurely journey on the Harz narrow-gauge railway. Whilst keen adventurers can zoom down narrow trails and through rocky passageways on a mountain bike, animal lovers can see red deer, black woodpeckers and wildcats up close during organised feeding sessions and viewings.

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