The Eifel National Park boasts majestic beech forests, gnarled oak woods and babbling brooks. With countless species of flora and fauna to be admired here, there is nowhere better to get close to nature in the whole of western Germany.

At the Eifel National Park in North Rhine-Westphalia, areas where trees were once felled are now being transformed into wild, unspoiled woodland once more. More than 2,170 endangered species of plants and animals call the park their home. Wildcats hunt for mice, beavers build lodges in the clean bodies of water and kingfishers revel in the undisturbed setting of the national park. The natural setting is even protected against light pollution, meaning that visitors to this International Dark Sky Park can look up into space at night and get a beautifully clear view of the starry sky above. Visitors can also follow the Wilderness Trail, go on a guided tour with a ranger or head to the National Park Visitor Centre if they want to find out more.

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