The Lower Oder Valley National Park is the only wetland national park in Germany, boasting remarkable riverside meadow scenery that stretches out for 60 kilometres along the German and Polish banks of the River Oder.

This area in Brandenburg in the north-east of Germany is home to many species of wildlife. Protected birds, such as white-tailed eagles, black storks and aquatic warblers, live here alongside beavers building their dams in the park. More than 40 types of fish and 50 different species of mammal complete this extensive list of fauna. The national park is also a rest and wintering site, making it the backdrop for breath-taking natural spectacles, such as more than 13,000 cranes approaching their roosts. Visitors can experience the magic of nature whilst on a hike or bike ride and tie in a visit to some other attractions, such as the Medieval Stolpe Castle or the historical tobacco barns near Friedrichsthal.

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