• The Wadden Sea
    The Wadden Sea ©Nationalparkverwaltung Schleswig-Holsteinsches Wattemeer

Národné parky – pôžitok z prepojenia s prírodou

Tu má réžiu príroda – úlohou človeka je vychutnávať a obdivovať: Na rozsiahlych územiach 16 národných parkov má chránená príroda možnosť bez prekážok rozvinúť svoju pôvodnú dynamickosť. Výsledkom sú svojrázne scenérie s pôsobivou rôznorodosťou živočíšneho a rastlinného sveta. Odhaľte živelnú silu prírody!

Müritz National Park hugs the long eastern shoreline of Lake Müritz, which is by far the largest of the Mecklenburg Lakes in north-east Germany. A 660-kilometre network of trails leads through an enchanting landscape characterised by ancient beech forests, mysterious marshes and huge expanses of water – including more than 130 lakes.

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The Lower Oder Valley National Park is Germany's first riverside meadow national park. It covers 60 km of meadowland on both the German and the Polish banks of the river Oder, offering visitors picturesque scenery and flowering dry grassland.

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Visitors to Jasmund National Park on Rügen Island in north-eastern Germany can expect a glorious chalk landscape with marshes, wetlands and dry grassland.

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Situated in the far eastern corner of Germany, south-east of Dresden , Saxon Switzerland National Park protects more than 36,000 hectares of the Elbe Sandstone Massif, sculpted over the course of millennia by the Elbe river – the perfect place for a journey of discovery all the way back to the Cretaceous period.

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A mountainous region shrouded in mist or brightly lit by the sun, with water and woodland, tales of witches and a sense of well-being – you can find all this and more at the Harz National Park. Located within Germany's most northerly mountain range, the national park is a popular area for walking and skiing.

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The Eifel National Park has majestic beech forests interspersed with gnarled oak woods and tumbling brooks ensconced in mysterious ravines. The chance to get close to nature offered by the numerous plant and animal species here is unrivalled anywhere in western Germany.

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