Wine as a way of life

With its abundance of vineyards, wine shops, private wine collections and wine academies, Germany offers plenty of opportunities for educational, exciting and enjoyable wine tastings. Enjoy a delightful journey through Germany's various wine-growing regions and discover many of the world's best grape varieties. 

Wine in Germany: embark on a journey of culture and enjoyment!

Germany's diverse wine landscape is an unforgettable experience for wine lovers. With picturesque scenery and awe-inspiring history, German wine-growing regions offer a unique perspective on cultural history and marvellous views of hillside vineyards.

Each of Germany's 13 wine-growing regions produces an impressive selection of excellent wines. One of the country's best Riesling varieties thrives in Rheingau's mild climate. The Mosel region is world-famous for its steep slopes and outstanding grape varieties, including Müller-Thurgau, Elbling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). It features breathtaking vineyard views of the river bends.

You will find 13 of Germany's 39 wine views here – or explore Germany's wine-growing regions

Germany's wine experience goes beyond wine tastings, encompassing the breathtaking beauty of the German landscape. Your journey through the wine-growing regions transports you along romantic rivers, through historic cities and impressive architectural monuments. Seize this opportunity to experience Germany's rich history and culture first hand.

Wines of Germany

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