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Nov 14, 2019 Trade_2019_11_November IntercityHotels, Frankfurt Airport, Webinars and more
Oct 16, 2019 Trade_2019_10_October Climate-friendly travel, Weimar, Scenic routes, Natural Landscapes and Webinars
Sep 11, 2019 Trade_2019_09_September Webinars, Opera houses, Dresden
Aug 14, 2019 Trade_2019_08_August New UNESCO sites, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Imperial City Festival
Jul 24, 2019 Trade_2019_07_July Bauhaus anniversary and German Originality
Jun 17, 2019 Trade_2019_06_June Beethoven's Anniversary and Passion Play 2020
May 15, 2019 Trade_2019_05_May Fall of the Berlin Wall, Romantic Germany and more webinars
Apr 18, 2019 Trade_2019_04_April German Summer Cities and a new Ferris Wheel
Mar 14, 2019 Trade_2019_03_March Hotel News 2019 and UNESCO World Heritage Day
Feb 13, 2019 Trade_2019_02_February A new Magic City, Bauhaus Tour and a new place to stay near Neuschwanstein