German Hotel Association (IHA)

The German Hotel Association (IHA) is the national trade association for the hotel industry. Established in 1992, it represents about 1.300 leading hotels in Germany ranging from hotels in the economy and midscale market segment to hotels in the upper upscale and luxury category.

The primary role is to lobby governments across Germany and in Europe representing the views of the industry and promoting and protecting the interests of all operators in the hotel industry. The IHA also provides members with a wide range of services designed to keep them informed of industry issues, to help grow their business and to save them money and time.

As trade association of the hotel and accommodation industry we aim to preserve and to strengthen the economical potential, the competitiveness and the prestige of our industry in general and of our members in particular. We consolidate private hotels, hotel cooperatives and hotel chains with their different form of business, and create in this way a fundament for a common performance and understanding.

You will find about 1.300 IHA Hotels all over Germany in cities, spas, resorts and in the countryside under



Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA)

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