From the coast to the mountains, embrace Germany's unique natural landscapes!

Deep forests, clear lakes, blooming heathland, fairytale valleys. Tidal flats and fine sandy beaches. Breathtaking mountain scenery. Rivers with grapes growing on the banks and home to historical treasures. Germany has a vast array of natural landscapes, all of them stunning. Three UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves, 16 national parks and 106 nature reserves preserve this unique treasure, while 300,000 km of hiking trails and 76,000 km of cycle paths allow the public to enjoy it. A third of the total area of Germany is covered in forests, which have always been a much beloved place for people to come, as well as a green lung providing valuable oxygen. 12,000 lakes and thousands of rivers form natural biotopes and superb places for people to recharge their batteries. Discover hidden oases and reinvigorating retreats. Get inspired and discover the landscape that speaks to you!

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Germany's great outdoors offers a wealth of natural diversity

Join us on a remarkable adventure. Fly over sea and dunes, coasts and islands, gorges, mountains and delightful river valleys! This tribute to Germany's spectacular natural scenery will leave you eager to get out into these unique, unspoilt landscapes. Why not see for yourself?

Ambassadors of Nature

Our Ambassadors of Nature protect Germany's gorges, mountains and forests, call to deer, and are completely at home on the country's lakes, rivers and tidal flats. Meet your Ambassadors of Nature here.

This is the sound of tranquility. Listen to the whispering of the wind.

The rustling of leaves in the breeze. Birdsong and buzzing bees. The murmur of a river and the sound of waves breaking on the seashore. When the world is quiet, we can stop and listen to nature. Listen to these sounds. Close your eyes and let us whisk you away for a few glorious moments in the great outdoors. Check out the audio files here.

Feel good in Germany's great outdoors. Discover over 130 protected natural landscapes, superb cycling and hiking trails, and more than 150 outstanding spas and health resorts.

Discover all that nature has to offer, from Germany's coasts to rivers, forests and mountains

Two seas, moorland, lakes, rivers and mountains – glorious natural scenery awaits. We've put together a selection of stunning natural oases and active holiday resorts for you here.

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