Experience nature sustainably: embrace Germany's unique landscapes!

Three UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites, 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves, 16 national parks and 104 nature parks protect and preserve Germany's unique natural landscapes. Islands and coasts, towering mountains and thick forests, as well as thousands of lakes and rivers, can all be explored easily and without a harmful environmental footprint along countless great hiking routes and cycle paths. Relaxation and sustainability are guaranteed thanks to the climate-neutral journey by train and your prolonged stays in certified eco-friendly accommodation.

Find true relaxation in the countryside close to your heart. Embrace German Nature!

Germany's natural landscapes are all so rewarding

Join us on a very unique journey – fly across the sea, over coasts and islands, above gorges, mountains and valleys! Let us take you on an adventure into Germany's green diversity. Why not see for yourself?

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Top tips for all nature lovers

Saxony-Anhalt entices visitors with its diverse natural landscapes

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Experience Germany's natural beauty deeply and sustainably!

Rediscover Germany's unique natural landscapes. Experience the charm of travelling at a slower pace, on a houseboat tour. Prepare to be surprised: follow bison, raccoons and lynx, or watch the migration of cranes. Share unforgettable adventures in nature with your children: from a night hike under the stars, to a bird of prey show, or a climbing trip at a high ropes course.

Find Lasting Relaxation in Harmony with Nature.

The rhythm of nature: soak in the sounds of the forest and the sea!

The whisper of the wind through the leaves, and the crash of waves by the sea. Birdsong and buzzing bees. The sounds of nature are a blessing for the soul. Close your eyes and listen to her. Check out the audio files here.

Ambassadors of Nature

They love and protect Germany's natural landscapes, are on first-name terms with the seals, and navigate as confidently on the sea, rivers, lakes and in the mountains as they would be in their own living rooms. Meet your ambassadors of nature here.

Rich diversity: from Germany's coasts to its rivers, forests, and mountains

Two seas, many moors, lakes, rivers, forests and mountains: Germany's landscapes are uniquely diverse. Discover natural oases and places of adventure on a sustainable holiday in Germany.

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