The Seal Rescuer

Tanja Rosenberger, Friedrichskoog

"I could live without seals, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun."

"Nothing is lovelier than the sight of a young seal swimming to freedom." The Wadden Sea and its inhabitants have always been dear to Tanja Rosenberger's heart.
Rosenberger grew up in Hamburg and retained a close connection with the landscape of northern Germany. She did her dissertation for her biology degree at the seal station in Friedrichskoog, and went on to become the manager straight after her exams. Since 1997, preserving the seals' habitat and ensuring a healthy population of seals hasn't just been her job, but also her driving purpose in life. The seal station is a unique facility on the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea coast and has been certified as an educational institution for sustainability since autumn 2020.

"The wind, wide open spaces and horizons along this coast are simply incredible."

What do you like about your work?

Absolutely everything. I love the combination of working with people and animals. Seals are fascinating marine mammals. Working with the animals that have lived alongside us for so long is a complete joy. Reintroductions, when the pups return to their habitat, are very special moments.

What makes the Schleswig-Holstein coast so special?

The wind, the sheer vastness of the place, the towering clouds, the light over the tidal flats – you only find these things here.

Are you a fan of any other natural highlights in Germany?

The Harz region is beautiful, and its forests and mountains make it different from elsewhere. There's a lot of nature conservation work taking place there, too, such as the efforts to re-establish the lynx in the Harz mountains.

Which of Germany's landscapes would you miss the most if you had to go abroad?

The sea, without question! I've travelled a lot and been to lots of coastlines, but there's absolutely nowhere on Earth like the Wadden Sea.

Listen to the sound of the sea

Waves breaking in the distance and the shriek of a seagull. The gentle crunching and squelching of the tidal flat with every step you take.

The wind whips through the air, driving clouds across the sky. Then neighing horses and hooves thundering along the beach. Coasts are fascinating natural environments. Listen to what the sea has to say.

Travemünde: Naturstrand am Brodtener Steilufer bei Travemünde ©LTM (Oliver Franke)

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