The Mountain Hut Mystic

Silvia Beyer, Allgäu

"Being able to stop at an inn offering natural, healthy food makes the mountain experience absolutely perfect."

Silvia Beyer runs the very first vegetarian mountain hut in the Alps, at 1,180 metres. Ever since her childhood on a farm in the Allgäu region, this trained innkeeper has felt a close connection with nature.

Her mother and grandmother set great store by proper regional food, too. "The hut is charmingly rustic and offers a warm welcome and vegetarian food," says Beyer, explaining the concept behind the Hündeleskopfhütte.

As an adult, she lived for a time in Idaho, at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, and felt at home there, too. However, she is convinced that her decision to return to Germany was the right one: "I'm happiest in the mountains of my homeland." And now they've become her workplace.

"There's nowhere quite like the Allgäu, with its scenery and open-minded people who nevertheless value their traditions."

What's the most popular item on the menu?

The Allgäu-style Käsespätzle! The locals are big fans of it, too. Another firm favourite is the vegan, gluten-free lasagne, made with courgettes instead of pasta sheets and almond butter instead of cheese. It's a hit with everyone, not just vegans.

What do you like about your work?

My team and the people who come to eat here. Then there's the fact that I get to enjoy the view of the mountains every day. The light, sky and atmosphere are always changing.

Are there other outdoor spots you particularly like?

We have it all here: lakes, rivers and mountains. Sometimes, though, I just need to get away to the sea, with its vastness and fresh breezes.

What makes the Allgäu unique?

For lots of people, it's a mystical place. It has unique diversity and wonderful people, who are open-minded but keen to preserve their traditions.

Listen to the sound of the mountains

Soft moss, crackling twigs and stones scrunching under your feet. Wind whistling around a paraglider. Cheerful birdsong, buzzing insects and the enormous roar of the water as it rushes through the gorge. The mountains and gorges have their very own soundtrack. Have a listen!

Zugspitze: summit of Mount Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain in front of the rising sun. ©gettyimages (Björn Kindler)

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