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Tourism organizations and destinations want to manage the sustainable growth of their destinations better. New technologies are enabling insights into global travel and traveler trends that have traditionally been difficult to acquire. Through the adoption of best practices and new technologies, destinations are finding new ways to optimize their inbound tourism strategies and also their marketing expenditure. Amadeus is supporting destinations in this evolution.

Amadeus uses its strength as one of the largest processors of travel transactions in the world to provide destinations with data analytics solutions that give up-to-date, global insights into traveler trends, including planning, purchasing and travel behaviors.

These insights can be used to:

  • better define tourism goals and objectives, with an understanding of the destination’s performance in the global market, their competitors’ performance and the behavior of origin markets,
  • discover their ideal visitor, and
  • optimize marketing campaigns with operational decisions about timing, placement and content of marketing campaigns

Beyond helping destinations to improve their understanding of inbound tourism trends, Amadeus enables destinations to target and reach millions of potential visitors through online and offline advertising channels at every step of their journey – from dreaming and planning, through to purchasing and traveling.

Amadeus partners with destinations on their digital transformation journey through its fully dedicated organization, Amadeus for Destinations. The company helps DMOs and tourism organizations to optimize their tourism strategies and sustainably grow through the adoption of best practices and new technologies.

travel audience, an Amadeus company, helps destinations to generate incremental visitors with digital performance campaigns. The unique travel audience digital marketing ecosystem, powered by exclusive data from Amadeus and partners, focuses on monitoring consumers with travel intention across the entire destination purchase path to conversion, and then optimizes conversion of consumers into visitors using in-house machine learning technology.

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