Thuringia. Culture is our nature.

Great moments of European history, world heritage amidst ancient cultural landscapes, dense forests, relaxing river valleys and traditional hospitality in historic settings - and all this in the heart of Germany. Thuringia is a region of short distances. Combining nature and culture experiences is very easy here. In the morning, you can enjoy magnificent views from the Rennsteig hiking trail in the Thuringian Forest and in the afternoon, either indulge in the medieval flair of Erfurt's old town or visit Weimar’s UNESCO world heritage sites.

For Bach fans, Thuringia is a must. The extraordinary composer was born in Eisenach and left impressive musical traces in towns such as Arnstadt, Mühlhausen and Weimar. Martin Luther was a student, monk and Bible translator in Thuringia. Lucas Cranach created immortal works of art that adorn Thuringia's churches and museums. And Walter Gropius ushered in a new era in 1919 with the founding of the Bauhaus school. Add to this more than 400 castles and palaces that little Thuringia can proudly boast, and you have more than enough reasons for a trip to this German federal state. And we haven't even mentioned the nature parks, UNESCO biosphere reserves or the World Heritage Hainich National Park yet.

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Insider tips for curious people

Looking for insider tips? How about the state capital of Thuringia, Erfurt. As a crossroads of important trade routes, Erfurt grew into a powerful trading and university city in the Middle Ages. This can still be seen today: Erfurt shines with magnificent Renaissance and half-timbered houses, proud Gothic churches, Luther sites such as the Augustinian monastery and the medieval Jewish heritage, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2023. The city's charm comes from its mixture of history and lightness. As with many Thuringian cities. Real discoveries for curious people! More

Top tips for culture lovers

Those who like to dig deeper will love Weimar. Weimar residents by choice included Goethe, Schiller, Cranach, Bach and Liszt, as well as Henry van de Velde and Walter Gropius and other pioneers of the Bauhaus and modernism. Their legacy: museums, palaces, gardens, collections and the sites of early Bauhaus history. A large part of this is now listed as UNESCO World Heritage. More

Mystic experiences for romantics

Thuringia's castles and palaces are full of stories and spark the imagination. They are stone witnesses to an eventful past that is linked to emperors, kings, landgraves and dukes. One of them fascinates more than others: the legendary Wartburg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saint Elisabeth lived here and medieval singing contests were held here, which Richard Wagner later immortalised in his opera "Tannhäuser". Martin Luther used the castle as a hiding place where he began his great work of translating the Bible - the basis for today's German language. More

A relaxing experience for nature lovers

Standing alone in the middle of a forest, listening to the birdsong and the wind in the trees. This is possible in many regions of Thuringia. Certified hiking trails take you through unspoilt nature, small, tranquil mountain villages and to historical sites. Like on the Rennsteig, the most famous Thuringian hiking trail on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest. Highlights in the truest sense of the word also await you in the Saale valley with its vineyards and romantic castles or by bike along Thuringia's rivers, such as the Ilm, Saale, Gera, Unstrut or Werra.

There are fjord-like landscapes in the water reservoir area of the Thuringian Slate Mountains, and a rare variety of wild medicinal herbs bloom in the Schwarzatal valley. The Rhön Star Park offers views of a sky full of stars as our ancestors knew it. No artificial light disturbs the nocturnal splendour here, an unforgettable experience on cloudless nights!

The Hainich National Park is home to a primeval beech forest that is part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. You can "climb to the top" of the forest on the treetop path. Or you can get close to nature on cycle tours through the national park. Thuringia's nature guarantees peaceful and relaxing experiences. More

Discover sustainable Thuringia

Thuringia's heritage lies in its nature and culture. Preserving both is a major task that the small state is taking on with increasing commitment. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Hainich National Park, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Rhön and Thuringian Forest as well as the five nature parks in Thuringia prioritise the protection and preservation of natural heritage. This involves, for example, careful visitor management and environmentally friendly means of transport. It is about limiting the damage caused by climate change and restoring forests to their original biodiversity. The "Green Belt" sets a special example. This is where the inner-German border once separated East and West. Today, endangered animal and plant species thrive in the protected zone and have turned the death strip into a lifeline.

Catering and accommodation providers in regions and cities focus on local and seasonal food, promote the "unpackaged idea" and work with natural materials. Fairtrade towns such as Erfurt, Eisenach and Jena and Climate Alliance members such as Gotha, Ilmenau and Mühlhausen focus on fair trade, resource conservation and organic quality.

Thuringia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites are part of the memory of mankind. Future generations shall be able to experience them. Contributing to this end are also the sheep that work as landscape conservationists to maintain Weimar’s world heritage gardens.

Thanks to the Deutsche Bahn ICE hub in Erfurt, it is possible to travel to Thuringia from all directions in a climate-friendly way.

Thuringia with comfort for all

Thuringia wants to be a destination with quality and comfort and is committed to the idea of lowering barriers for people with special requirements. Not only people with physical or mental disabilities can benefit from this. Families with pushchairs, heavy luggage or older guests who are less able to walk can also profit. In recent years, many tourism stakeholders in Thuringia have joined forces with Thüringer Tourismus GmbH to embark on the "Comfort Thinkers" programme. Since then, guests have been provided with detailed information on barrier-free offers in Thuringia. More and more service providers are being certified with the nationwide "Reisen für Alle" labelling system. The Thuringian state capital of Erfurt is a pioneer in this field. In its medieval city centre, resourceful solutions are used to overcome obstacles despite cobblestones and centuries-old church staircases. Tours for visually and hearing-impaired visitors provide access to the beauty and history of the city. Not every door is open yet, but the development is progressing steadily.

More information on barrier-free accommodation, travel tips and excursions can be found here.

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Erfurt Weimar Airport:
direct motorway link to Autobahn A 4 / A 71

motorway with Autobahn A 4 (East-West link: Dresden – Frankfurt am Main)
motorway with Autobahn A 9 (North-South link: Berlin – Munich)
motorway with Autobahn A 38 (East-West link: Leipzig – Göttingen)
motorway with Autobahn A 71 (South-North link: Würzburg / Schweinfurt – Sömmerda)
motorway with the Autobahn A 73 (South-North link: Nuremberg – Suhl)

The excellent location in the heart of Germany and the modern infrastructure are important attributes that make the destination Thuringia very attractive. The state’s capital Erfurt is an ICE-hub for the high-speed trains of the Deutsche Bahn. Travelling times from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Dresden to Thuringia have minimalized dramatically. See time table

Erfurt - München: 2,30 h
Erfurt - Berlin: 1,45 h
Erfurt - Dresden: 1,5 h
Erfurt - Frankfurt/Main: 2,10 h

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