Niedersachsen - Diversity between sea and mountains

Germany's second largest federal state offers extraordinary experiences between the North Sea and the Harz Mountains.

General Information

Niedersachsen is located in northwest Germany. The federal state is bordered by the North Sea in the north, by the Harz Mountains and the Weser Uplands mountain range in the south. What’s in between encompasses everything from historic and seafaring towns to trade fair locations of international significance. Various natural habitats with tranquil rivers, dense deciduous and evergreen forests as well as moorland and heath landscapes offer opportunities for a multifaceted holiday in Niedersachsen.

The possibilities include everything from water sports and hiking, to road cycling and mountain biking. Exciting theme parks, animal parks and zoos ensure a memorable visit.

Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy UNESCO-World Heritage sites, historic windmills, exciting museums, magnificent castles and fortresses, as well as top international artists at dance and music festivals.

How to get there

Whether you're travelling in your own car, by public transport, ship or plane – many roads lead to Niedersachsen. Modern motorways as the A2, A1 and A7 connect the state with the rest of Germany and the Netherlands. International airports can be found in Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg and Münster-Osnabrück. Towns and cities like Hannover, Wolfsburg, Hildesheim etc. can be reached easily by ICE fast trains of Deutsche Bahn.

TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN)

The TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN) was founded in 2001. As marketing organisation of the federal state of Niedersachsen it is in charge to market the holiday destination of Niedersachsen on a national and international level. As an innovative tourism marketing and management organisation, TMN is the centre of excellence and advice for tourism in Lower Saxony at the state level. TMN is a marketing and communications expert, catalyst, networker and is a reliable partner on any level. Our focal points are digital and quality management and the development of the international market. We also make use of topical target group marketing, whereby TMN generally focuses on the inspiration phase.

Nature and Active

Niedersachsen is the perfect choice for fun holidays and active getaways. With its countless rivers and lakes, the North Sea coast, its vast heath, highland, forest and moor landscapes, visitors will find the perfect opportunities for various outdoor activities.

Lower Saxony is home to a wide range of natural treasures. Visitors will find various natural attractions on offer at its two national parks, two biosphere reserves and 13 nature parks. The UNESCO world nature heritage site of Wadden Sea offers mudflat hiking and many opportunities to watch seals. Hikers and mountain bikers will fall in love with the Harz Mountains and Weserbergland mountain range. Heath and moor land can be discovered easily by bike on the flat land.

Health & Wellness

The 36 spas and health resorts, seven North Sea spas, 15 climatic health resorts and 54 recreational/coastal resorts invite you to regain strength on holiday and strengthen your immune system. The thermal baths and spas use remedies typical for Niedersachsen, such as thalasso therapy powers from the sea, brine or moorland. Here you can feel the beneficial effects of Kneipp therapy, breathe the healing air of the graduation houses or let yourself be pampered with a massage or mud pack.

Towns & Cities

Spanning from the Harz mountains to the North Sea, Niedersachsen offers unique towns and cities that couldn’t be more diverse.The towns and cities of Niedersachsen come in all guises: some are idyllic, others have a maritime flair, some are traditional, others very modern. Get carried away by the romantic charm of historical city centres, explore the lively diversity of Niedersachsen’s big cities and dive deep into the blue wonders of the port towns. In the Old Town of Celle, you can admire more than 500 half-timbered houses, Europe’s largest ensemble of half-timbered buildings. In Hannover, the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen and Herrenhausen castle are waiting to be discovered. According to legend, Hameln (Hamelin) is the home town of the Pied Piper - a legendary figure that one can still encounter in guided tours around the town.

Culture & UNESCO World Heritage

There are several museum and culture institutions in Niedersachsen which have achieved a very good reputation beyond the borders of the federal state. The Landesmuseum Hannover combines three worlds in one museum and takes visitors on a journey around the world. With its Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig offers the biggest and most outstanding art museum of the old art of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Art Gallery Emden with the Henry Nannen collection consistently puts innovative art projects into effect to give young people an understanding of art. The Sprengel Museum in Hannover presents art of the 20th century. The Art Museum Wolfsburg has made its mark in the art scene duo to its collections and exhibitions on modern and contemporary art. Niedersachsen also offers different UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Hildesheim and Goslar and Alfeld.

The state of Niedersachsen is part of the national certification and identification system ‘Reisen für Alle’ (‘Travel for All’), which offers visitors reliable, detailed and verified information about barrier-free facilities. Many hosts have already undergone the comprehensive certification process, which has considerably expanded the range of available facilities for visitors to Niedersachsen to ensure that everyone can find what works best for them. From major cultural institutions such as the museums in Oldenburg, or a barrier-free natural experience in the Lake Steinhude Nature Park, to Germany’s first barrier-free region (East Frisia) - Niedersachsen looks after the needs of all visitors to the region.

Sustainability and climate protection are important topics in Niedersachsen. There are a lot of facilities and exhibitions which deal with this topic: For example the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. The exhibition LEVEL GREEN – The Concept of Sustainability examines various dimensions of sustainability and uses architecture to display the content in an interactive and playful way. Situated on approximately 1 000 m², the “experiential space Sustainability” is an interplay between a walk-in sculptural installation, divided into six themed areas, and the 25 exhibits within it. In the national park visitor centres in Niedersachsen's Wadden Sea and in the Harz National Park, guests can learn everything about the sustainable management of these two areas in the bilingual exhibitions and guided tours.

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Do you have any questions on the holiday destination of Lower Saxony or on the services of TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH? The TMN team is pleased to be at your service as your contact in any tourist matters.

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