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Spiekeroog – a lush North Sea dream

Breathtaking scenery, boat trips and 15 kilometres of sandy beaches offer a tempting invitation to explore this island and the Wadden Sea around it. A dream destination in the North Sea.

The island of Spiekeroog, an 18.25km² strip of emerald green lying between the islands of Langeoog and Wangerooge, is surprisingly lush for an East Frisian island. Unusually high numbers of oaks and black pine trees are a feature of this island located in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. Floral highlights during the summer months include the bright purple sea lavender and wild roses blossoming in the dunes, which in autumn give way to the vivid orange of the sea buckthorn. The Ostplatte, a semi-wilderness stretching from the Wittbülten national park centre to the eastern tip of the island, is of particular botanical interest. Here, the wind and the tides are constantly shifting and reshaping the dune-filled landscape.

Lush scenery, a car-free environment and fresh, sea air are not the only features that make Spiekeroog a popular island for health and wellness. There is also a spa centre offering hot stones, thalassotherapy and other treatments both modern and traditional as a way of boosting the body's natural defences. And for those in search of an authentic experience after all that relaxation, the island runs special boat tours out to the seal banks as well as trips on the Gorch Fock cutter, which include a fishing demonstration using a small bottom trawl net.

After a proper trip out to sea, what could be better than freshly caught fish in one of the island's charming restaurants – or maybe a hot drink in one of the many cosy tea rooms? Observe a local custom by drinking a cup of East Frisian tea with candy sugar.

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