Travel around Germany and you could find yourself marvelling at incredible mountain views, gorgeous rolling hills and sweeping coastal landscapes, venturing into unspoiled nature reserves and vibrant metropolises, immersing yourself in culture and breathtaking architecture, and indulging in scrumptious cuisine and an atmosphere of good cheer. Discover all that Germany has to offer!

Accessibility is just one of the things at which Germany excels. Visitors with disabilities can enjoy a carefree holiday in Germany, as their needs are already well and truly looked after in many of the country’s regions. Thanks to steadfast commitment from the policy-makers and accommodation providers, accessibility has been increased over recent years and the necessary information provided for people with disabilities to plan their travel.

This section of the website contains ideas for accessible vacations in our cities and regions, along with plenty of background information, including the standards that you can expect in terms of accessibility in Germany.

Get inspired and look forward to an exciting vacation tailored to your needs!

Disability-friendly travel for ...

Dresden: Guided tour for the blind through the garden of the Zwinger ©DZT (Jens Wegener)

Travel planning

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  • Practical information for planning your trip

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