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The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park: wild worlds in a Westphalian "sea of forest"

The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park is one of the most popular recreation areas and holiday regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, and its extensive wooded areas form one of the largest contiguous wooded area in Germany.

The 482 square kilometre nature park, which was established in 1961 between the Möhne and Ruhr rivers, includes one of the most beautiful recreational areas on the eastern edge of the Ruhr.

Its leafy highland landscape, which features a myriad of springs, branching brooks and thick forests, invites hikers and nature lovers to re-discover its distinctive wildness. Thanks to wide expanses of forest untouched by humans, visitors can walk for hours along well-maintained paths without coming into contact with the noise and hectic pace of modern life. With diverse attractions such as the Bilstein Caves in Warstein, the Beaver Trail in Rüthen and Lake Möhnesee, North Rhine-Westphalia's largest reservoir and a water sports hub,

the Arnsberg Forest is also the perfect destination for visitors looking for fun and adventure as well as relaxation. The "enchantingly magical" Sauerland Forest Route is a particular highlight: this route, a large part of which crosses the nature park, runs for over 240 kilometres and takes hikers from Iserlohn to Marsberg. The many points of interest along the route mean that hiking is anything but boring. The wonderfully clear views from Lörmecke or Möhnesee Tower, the Waldschiff ship in Bibertal and many places mentioned in traditional myths and legends are guaranteed to enchant any visitor!



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