Legoland: LEGO friends
Legoland: LEGO friends ©Legoland Deutschland
German National Tourist Board
Visitors' Choice 2017
德国乐高乐园(Legoland Deutschland)

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  • Open early April to early November
  • Events, shows
  • Workshops
  • For families with children aged 4+

德国乐高乐园—— 形状最漂亮的积木足以让您啧啧称奇。

在巴伐利亚的 Günzburg有一个地方,在这里所有人都可以成为英雄: 这就是德国乐高乐园。在八个迷人的冒险乐园中有 50 多个游玩项目、驾驶项目、现场表演、度假村和由五千多万块积木搭成的细致模型正等待着您前来征服。

在巴伐利亚 Günzburg 镇中距离慕尼黑斯图加特一个小时行程处有这样一个每个人都可以成为英雄的地方: 这就是德国LEGOLAND® 。在这个家庭和休闲公园中的八个迷人的冒险乐园中有 50 多个别具一格的游玩项目、驾驶项目、现场表演、度假村和由五千多万块 LEGO® 积木搭成的细致模型正等待着您前来征服。 水上项目和过山车会让您的行程变成绝对的经典。娱乐和休闲与寓教于乐和互动环节相结合——这是独一无二的组合,德国乐高乐园也因此而与众不同。 如果有人想要延长自己的行程,则可以在位于公园旁边的全球第一家乐高度假村中住宿。 采用典型彩色乐高风格的休闲屋再次突出了公园的主题乐园,将游客们引入海盗、赛车运动员、骑士和冒险家的世界。


A total of more than 50 million LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND Deutschland give kids the chance to become knights, pirates, inventors, explorers and architects. The resort also offers live shows, exciting workshops, a 4D cinema and much more besides. The Kingdom of the Pharaohs promises thrills galore with its indoor Tempel X-pedition ride, where explorers set off in a jeep on an interactive treasure hunt through a dark temple. And the adventures don't stop there: if you want to extend your visit, you can stay in one of 72 holiday homes in the typical colourful LEGO style at the world's first LEGOLAND holiday village, right next to the park. Noble knights and fair damsels also have the option of staying in one of the permanently installed knights' tents, which sleep three to six people.



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