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Something you can rely on!
For 100 years now, Youth Hostels have represented values that enrich life. For all those who go through life openminded. Who want to experience togetherness, and are eager to get to know the world and other people. Brave – or even adventurous at times. Because confident young people don’t need a corset, they have a backbone of their own. The only time they will twist and bend is for sports, or with laughter. Which is something worth envying. Something precious.

German Youth Hostel Association (DJH): the world’s largest network of youth hostels

A large community – Youth hostels in Germany

The youth hostel –an idea "Made in Germany". The most extensive network of youth hostels in the world: the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) comprises around 500 attractive properties, many of which are found in absolute dream locations. Hostels can be found in palaces, castles and in buildings protected as national monuments, even in mills, towers or on a ship. Our hostels occupy well-exposed locations in large cities, on major rivers, on the coast and in the mountains. Each youth hostel offers something special: the high ropes course, a canoe tour, survival training or even a relaxing massage. But most importantly, youth hostel guests will experience a real sense of community. Our hostels are open to everyone. They are meeting hubs for people young and old from all over the world - for travelling individuals, families, groups, school classes, kindergarten groups, sports clubs or groups of all kind. The members of the DJH are part of an international network and experience the unique community atmosphere in 4,000 youth hostels spread across 90 countries around the world. The principle of openness and tolerance applies; the love of one’s fellow man and respect are a given. Different temperaments and cultures encounter each other here on a daily basis, share experiences and have fun together. And all that at unbeatable prices. Youth hostels in Germany have a high standard of good, modern accommodation, friendly facilities, and competent service. They are also safe and clean with wash-rooms and toilets that offer the greatest possible privacy. The bedrooms and dormitories are gender-specific. Almost all youth hostels also have comfortable single rooms as well as double rooms and family rooms. Breakfast and bed linen are always included in the price.

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