52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – and so much more*

Welcome to Travel Destination Germany, a place that lives and breathes world heritage. 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are just the beginning! Here, you can not only satisfy your wanderlust, but also enjoy new experiences everywhere you look. On your journey of discovery through Germany, you'll encounter the splendour of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as countless other opportunities for experiencing this diverse country with all five senses.

Join us on eight individual routes across Germany and let yourself be enchanted at every turn. Enjoy an inexhaustible wealth of history, art, culture and warm hospitality wherever your journey takes you. Embrace Germany, the compelling travel destination where past and future come together – and discover for yourself why you'll want to return again very soon.

Our 52 UNESCO World Heritage treasures: Experience the truly unique sides of Germany

In Germany, no less than 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are waiting to be discovered by you. Expect to see architectural masterpieces, unique natural monuments, witnesses the industrial revolution and important building blocks of the modern age. Germany's rich history tells stories that date back up to 7,000 years. We warmly invite you to experience these abundant natural and cultural treasures up close in our country's cities and regions.

Germany's UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Embark on a journey of discovery

Join us on exciting routes through Germany's impressive history! Our themed routes follow the abundant diversity of UNESCO World Heritage sites that Germany has to offer. Whether it's industry, religion, nature, or architecture – choose your own personal route and discover the highlights of German culture.

  • Energy and Beauty Industrial Culture Route
  • Wild Natural Landscapes and Gardens Fit for a Prince Active Route
  • In the Footsteps of Romans, Knights, and Mermaids Family Route
  • Hanseatic Cities and Sea Breezes Coastal Route
  • Highlights of Romanticism Cultural Route
  • Unwind Body, Mind and Soul Wellness Route
  • From the Stone Age, into the Future Time Travel Route
  • Jewish Life, and Christian Reformation Faith Route
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Experience three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany in AR

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Classical Weimar, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and Bamberg's Old Town as interactive 3D puzzles in augmented reality.