Traditional, natural remedies, historical spa architectures, as well as churches and monasteries, provide mental and physical relaxation on this 11 day tour. Along the way, you will visit 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Route info

Recommended duration of trip: 11 days
Total distance: 518 km
Recommended modes of transport: Train, other public transport, Kurwaldbahn funicular railway
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 9

Wellness Route Unwind Body, Mind and Soul

Frankfurt am Main (4 nights)

  • Day 1: Wander through Frankfurt, visit the former Roman-German coronation site at the Frankfurt Imperial Cathedral, and afterwards see the new Jewish Museum, and take a trip to the Palm Gardens, or climb the Lohrberg for magnificent views of the metropolis, framed by apple and walnut trees. In the evening, enjoy regional delicacies in one of the traditional apple-wine pubs, for instance in Sachsenhausen.
    Take a stroll through the Schwanheim Dunes,a nature reserve situated within this banking capital (30 mins by tram from Hauptbahnhof).
  • Day 2: Excursion to the spa town of Bad Ems (2 hours by train), a former imperial town with impressive spa architecture. Visit the Baroque bath complex, the marble hall, and the oldest casino in Germany. Walk through the historic spa gardens. For a view of the spa town and the Taunus, we recommend a ride on the 132-metre-high Kurwaldbahn funicular railway.
    Don't miss out on the Ems pastilles, which are steamed and pressed from one of the 15 local healing springs.
  • Day 3: Excursion to the Carolingian World Heritage Site of Lorsch (1.25 hours by train). The Königshalle and the medieval Lorsch monastery complex are important relics of pre-Romanesque architecture. Guided tour through the open-air laboratory of the monastery complex.
  • Day 4: Excursion to Speyer (1.5 hours by train). Stroll through the city and visit Speyer Cathedral. Continue along the shaded path with its small oases to the Judenhof (Jewish Quarter) in Speyer, part of the ShUM sites in Germany.

Baden-Baden (2 nights)

  • Day 5: Continue your journey on to the spa town of Baden-Baden (1.5 hours by train) Wander through the historic city centre, stroll through the spa gardens to the Kurhaus. Take a short hike along the Beutig circular trail, with a stop at the delightful New Rose Gardens. Optional: take a bathing and wellness break at Friedrichsbad.
    End the evening with a performance at the Festspielhaus – Germany's largest opera and concert house.
  • Day 6: Excursion to the cultural and monastic town of Maulbronn (2 hours by train and bus), with a perfectly preserved Maulbronn monastery complex.
    Cycle the Northern Black Forest Monasteries Route,starting at Maulbronn and ending at the medieval monasteries of Hirsau, Reuthin and Alpirsbach.

Constance (2 nights)

  • Day 7: Continue your journey on to Lake Constance (2.75 hours by train), wander round the city and visit Mainau Island (15 mins by bus).
    From Mainau, an electric boat partly powered by solar energy will take you on to Unteruhldingen and its prehistoric pile dwellings in about 20 minutes.
  • Day 8: Excursion to the Monastic Island of Reichenau (30 mins by public transport). Multiple hiking routes take you to scenic and cultural sights. Fun fact: the historic "island of vegetables" focuses on sustainable agriculture and markets in a climate-friendly, regional way.
    The Bodensee guest pass for all overnight guests includes travel on the city buses in Constance.

Füssen (2 nights)

  • Day 9: Continue your journey on to Füssen (4.5 hours by train). Stroll through the city, visit Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • Day 10: Excursion to Steingaden (45 mins by bus), the starting point of the family-friendly Brettleweg hiking route to the pilgrimage church "Die Wies" (circular route, 10 km).
  • Day 11: Continue your journey on to Munich (2 hours by train) and return home.