Weserbergland Nature Park ©Stadt Hessisch Oldendorf
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The Weserbergland Nature park: an experience for all the senses

The Weserbergland Nature Park is nestled in the northern highlands of Lower Saxony, and visitors here are welcomed by a beautiful country idyll.

The landscape of the Weserbergland Nature Park is characterised by the course of the River Weser, sprawling forests and grandiose views amongst diverse surroundings. Rare lichens, mosses and flowering plants can be found in the hills of Süntel, which reaches up to 440 metres in height, as well as on the steep and jagged drops of the Hohenstein and the Ith mountains. The best way to discover the nature and countryside of Weserbergland is by hiking, cycling or water touring. We also recommend stopping for a while to let your gaze wander and to breathe in the healthy forest air.

Ambitious climbers will be in their element here as they scale the mountain ranges of the Weserbergland, whilst hikers can appreciate the area's vast woodland by taking a tour along the Weserbergland Hills Trail or the Ith Hills Trail. Both routes have been awarded the "Qualitätsweg" quality seal by the German Ramblers' Association. The goal is also to transform the Weser Cycle Route, which has just been extended into the Weserbergland Nature Park, from an exceptional route into a quality cycle route certified by the German Cycling Association.

If they wish, visitors can also explore the area from the water by drifting languidly along the river on a passenger ship or by getting in on the action by paddling a canoe. Countless architectural and cultural monuments line the Weser and are waiting to be discovered: the buildings dating from the Weser Renaissance located in the historical centres of Hamelin and Rinteln, as well as the castles and palaces in the towns of Bückeburg, Hämelschenburg and Schwöbber are particularly striking.

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