Porcelain worlds on the "Leuchtenburg"
Porcelain worlds on the "Leuchtenburg" ©Sylvia Engel


Auf der Leuchtenburg
07768 Seitenroda

Phone: +49 36424 713300
Email address: info@leuchtenburg.de
Website:  www.leuchtenburg.de

Certified in the period

April 2019 - March 2022

Accessibility certified People with walking disabilities

Porcelain worlds on the "Leuchtenburg"

An exciting change between old and new awaits visitors of the Leuchtenburg, where the Middle Ages meet porcelain. Not only can you explore a castle complex that has grown over 800 years, but you can also discover the fascinating world of porcelain. The exhibition concept captivates with its show far removed from the museum character. The visitor marvels at Chambers of Wonders, experiments in an alchemist's kitchen, takes a seat at a princely table or dares to go on a 20-meter-long skywalk in order to shatter the porcelain of his dreams in the depths, because: "Shards bring luck"! Equipped with two elevators and new pavement, the new exhibitions and large parts of the castle complex are barrier-free and suitable for wheelchair users with companions.

Barrier-free information

People with restricted mobility and wheelchair users

People with hearing impairments and deaf people

People with visual impairments and blind people

People with cognitive impairments