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December 2020 - November 2023

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In today's Memorial and Educational Site, fifteen high-ranking representatives of the SS, the NSDAP and various Reich ministries discuss their cooperation in the planned deportation and murder of the European Jews on January 20, 1942. In addition to its exhibitions, the Memorial and Educational Center offers a wide range of educational programs to learn about the history of the persecution and murder of European Jews, the history of National Socialism, its prehistory and its consequences. 

Through the prism of the meeting at Wannsee, our exhibition presents the history of exclusion, definition and classification that culminated in the systematic deportations and genocide.
It shows the criminal prosecution of the participants and how society reflects on the actions taken during the Nazi era. It explains what antisemitism is, how it developed before the genocide and to what degree it still exists today. It describes the experiences of Jews from different European countries. The history presented in the exhibition is important today when we negotiate how we want to shape our society. For this reason, we want as many people as possible to be able to visit and understand the exhibition: People who, as part of this society, shape the present or who through their professions bear political responsibility. This is why our exhibition is presented in the »Design for All« style.

We offer groups different kinds of programs to guide them during their visit. Our tours and seminars are aimed at teenagers and adults. We have designed job-related seminars for adults.
They can focus on the role that their profession played in everyday life under National Socialism, on its participation in the persecution policies and on how this is relevant to today.
At this historic site, pupils can address the persecution and murder of European Jews, the history of National Socialism, the events that led up to this history and its aftermath.
We offer our seminars free of charge to school groups, apprentices and students. The participants should be involved in choosing the topic and their interests should be given priority.
We would be pleased to speak with you directly concerning the organisation and preparation of our seminars and about the possibility of including specific thematic aspects.

Our library collects books, magazines, film and audio recordings on topics related to the Memorial and Educational Site. Seminar groups and individual visitors have access to more than 75,000 media items. In addition to current research literature, the library contains historical sources, survivor reports, memorial books, regional history studies and pedagogical materials in different languages and forms (print, electronic, film).
Information is available through our online catalogue:
• (for documentaries, movies, interviews with eyewitnesses, audio recordings)

Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm, an appointment is not necessary. (030) 80 50 01 20
Books may be taken out over the weekend. Films can be watched at the library, but due to copyright issues cannot be borrowed or copied. Individual and group workspaces with Wi-Fi, copy machines and scanners are available.

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