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27.10.2021 Press_2021_10_@US_EXLUSIVER_NL_(FL) On Luther's Tracks in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia
02.08.2021 Press_2021_07_@US_NL_July 2021_2481073758_exclusive Newsletter BayTM What does Bavaria sound like in 2021?
22.07.2021 Press_2021_07_@US_NL_FeelGood_2480772248 FeelGood - sustainable holidays in Destination Germany
02.07.2021 Press_2021_07_@US_NL_GermanLocalCulture Flight Nr 2_2479254310 Discover Germany in a completely new light.
24.06.2021 Press_2021_06_@US_NL_June_spa tradition_ad by BayTM_2477081572 Germany: Health holidays in Kneipp’s Jubilee Year
17.06.2021 Presse_2021_06_@US_REOPENING_FINAL(CG) Germany is back open for Travel!
19.05.2021 Press_2021_05_@US_NL_May 19 2021_Start of GLC campaign_2463344480 Let us show you a Germany that is sure to delight you.
21.04.2021 Press_2021_04_@US_NL_April 2021_2455541043_exclusive Newsletter Duesseldorf Düsseldorf: The music and arts hub
18.03.2021 Press_2021_03_@US_NL_March 2021_2453898582_exclusive NL by BayTM Bavaria: Staying True to Nature and Sustainability
18.02.2021 Press_2021_02_@US_NL_18.02.2021_2452941615 From Fairytales to Lakes and Beer
04.02.2021 Press_2021_01_@US_NL_2021_04.02.2021_2442902846 Wanted: TOP 100 Sights and Attractions in Germany
10.12.2020 Press_2020_12_@US_NL_BAYTM exclusive_10.12.2020 (AG) What's new in Bavaria for 2021?
08.12.2020 Press_2020_12_@US_Weihnachtsglitzer The most wonderful time of the year: Advent in Germany