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Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach

Schlei Estuary Nature Park – enjoy a slower pace of life

If you want to get away from it all, this scenic holiday region in northern Germany with its quaint villages, wide open meadows, idyllic lakes and pretty walking trails is for you.

The northernmost nature park in Schleswig-Holstein is the perfect place to enjoy a slower pace of life. Take the time to savour the beauty of the landscape, go walking, cycling or sailing and leave your everyday cares behind.

Towns, countryside and river scenery

To discover the beauty of the Schlei region on foot, you need nothing more than some sturdy shoes and a rucksack. Passing through fields, woods and meadows, you'll come across idyllically situated Schlei villages and attractions such as Haithabu Viking Museum with its large open-air exhibition. Be sure to always allow a little extra time: you might like to relax a while on a beautiful natural beach or in a secluded swimming bay. If you want to embark on a longer walking tour, the 109km North Sea-Baltic Trail is close by.

Get pedalling

If cycling is more your thing, the Schlei Estuary Nature Park offers a number of cycle paths. Among the most popular are the Baltic Coast Cycle Route, which runs through the park, and the 15 themed tours with imaginative names such as the Herring Trail and Viking Trail.

By the water

In the town of Kappeln the cutters and sailing boats create a wonderful maritime atmosphere. But if you fancy taking to the water yourself, you can see the nature park from a new perspective in a canoe, kayak, sailing boat or pleasure cruiser.

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