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Historic Highlights of Germany

Take the road less travelled...

Understanding Germany’s historic cities often means more than just visiting its buildings. It’s about understanding its customs and traditions. The brand `Historic Highlights of Germany´ is representing 17 of the best alternative cities for short breaks and itineraries and would like to help travellers to get to destinations off the beaten track. As varied as its melting pot of cultures and storied past, Historic Highlights of Germany member cities are as well-known for their preserved customs and traditions, outstanding cuisine and unique heritage.

Participating cities are:

Our aim is to suggest tours with a rich cultural experience, friendly environment and a relaxing time. We believe that our walkable neighborhoods with proximity to the people and places our travellers love are the key to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Travellers are able to experience the unexpected, chat with locals and gain a whole new impression of Germany.

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