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The Fichtel Mountain Nature Park: a legendary slice of Bavaria!

The nature park lies between the centres of Bayreuth, Hof and Weiden and the Czech city of Cheb (Eger in German) and today covers an area of more than 1000 square metres.

A dense network of hiking and cycle routes, including the "Franconian Mountains Trail", which has been awarded a quality seal by the German Ramblers Association, and the popular Main Cycle Route, run through the Fichtelgebirge mountains, an area known for its nature and sporting activities. The Jean Paul Hiking Trail, for example, takes literature lovers along a route dotted with quotes by the famous Romantic poet and leads them through the places that played a special role in his life.

Lynx, wood grouse and black woodpeckers can be observed in this unspoilt natural environment, as can the striking white blooms of the Arctic starflower, a rare plant that is typical of this region. Visitors with an interest in natural sciences can take a journey into the earth's geological past in the Fichtelgebirge mountains, Germany's most important medieval mining region. Europe's largest rock labyrinth near Wunsiedel is a striking reminder of this distinctive history and is a unique adventure for all the family.

Culture vultures can visit Bayreuth and Wunsiedel to see the acclaimed Wagner and Luisenburg festivals and can also find out about Bayreuth's musical history by taking a guided tour of the Margravial Opera House. The historical development of the region is brought to life in the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum Wunsiedel or in the Kappl Pilgrimage Church in Waldsassen. In particular, the Fichtelgebirge mountains region owes its economic significance to its centuries-old tradition of porcelain manufacturing. The Porzellanikon porcelain museum in Selb tells visitors about the region's long tradition of porcelain making and is a highlight of the Porcelain Route.

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