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Wilhelmshöhe Park


占地 240 公顷的巴洛克山地公园威廉高地公园 (Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe) 位于北黑森州城市卡塞尔 (Kassel),它采用英式园林风格,是欧洲最大的山地公园。 威廉高地公园与威廉高地宫殿 (Schloss Wilhelmshöhe) 一起,构成了独一无二的整体景观,文化、自然和园林建筑艺术在这里得到了完美的融合。

卡塞尔的威廉高地公园是一个巴洛克式的整体艺术品,在其中融合了那个年代各个流派的园林建筑、艺术和工艺。 这座超过 300 年历史的文化景观是欧洲专制统治下景观建筑全盛时期的典范。 在侯爵卡尔·冯·黑森-卡塞尔的倡议下, 1701 年,意大利建筑大师 乔万尼·弗朗西斯科·古尔尼诺 (Giovanni Francesco Guerniero) 这座威严的铜像被视为统治者公正且智慧的化身,同时也象征了侯爵的绝对权威。

在大约 70 米高的基座底部,上演着世界上最令人惊叹的表演:超过 75 万升水从这里喷涌而下,形成总长 12 公里的巨大河道,最后汇流至宫殿池塘中的巨大喷泉,喷泉中的水在自然压力的作用下腾空而起 52 米高。 暮色降临,水景灯光从海格立斯 (Herkules) 雕像一路铺洒到威廉高地宫 (Schloss Wilhelmshöhe),分外壮观妖娆。 而宫殿本身也是一件非同寻常的艺术品:它在二战时期被严重损毁,1974 年作为博物馆完成重建,并与历代大师画廊 (Galerie Alter Meister)、版画展和古代珍品展一起,成为了威廉高地公园里一块吸引公众目光的磁石。



威廉高地游客中心:四月至十月,周二至周日和节假日 10:00 点至 17:00 点;十一月至三月,周六、周日和节假日 10:00 点至 16:00 点

海格力斯游客中心:10:00 点至 17:00 点


周二至周日 10:00 点至 17:00 点,周三 10:00 点至 20:00 点

威廉高地公园和喷泉:全年开放,从 5 月 1 日至 10 月 3 日每个周日、周三和节假日的 14:30 点开启喷泉,每月第一个周六会上演喷泉灯光秀。



Scandal and triumph, protest and passion, provocation and experiment – here they're all brought together. documenta is the world's most important series of contemporary art exhibitions, a mirror of society and a showcase for the global art world. It happens every five years and always lasts 100 days.

At each documenta in recent years, more than 150 artists from around 50 countries, and visitors from all over the world, have explored the many different aspects of contemporary art. Exhibitions have encompassed sculpture, performance, installation, painting, photography, film and video, text and audio works, as well as objects and experiments from politics, literature, philosophy and science, offering plenty of scope for stances, visions and discussions. That's just how it was at the first documenta in 1955, when Arnold Bode, the Kassel artist and designer, sent out a signal of renewal by displaying works by artists who had been exiled and banned as 'degenerates' until 1945.

Some of the most spectacular are now integral parts of the townscape, for instance the 7000 Oaks project by Joseph Beuys, Claes Oldenburg's giant pickaxe and Jonathan Borofsky's Man Walking to the Sky, which was installed for documenta 9 in 1992. It's worth a trip to Kassel simply to see one of these great works of art.


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