Thrills, spills and rollercoaster rides – the exciting world of theme parks

Whether you're looking for action-packed holiday fun or a break from your everyday routine, Germany's theme parks offer variety in abundance and are a popular destination for families with children. With over one hundred to choose from, the hardest part is knowing which to visit first! And with countless new attractions being added every year, you'll want to return time and time again.

位于奥登堡(Oldenburg)和威廉港(Wilhelmshaven)之间的亚德尔公园通过其居住着 600 多只动物的大型野外放养区不断吸引着游客们慕名前来。另外,这里还有矮河马、蟒蛇、狮子、袋鼠和企鹅居住的热带屋。旋转木马、山涧水道、过山车和自驾高架铁道可以保证大大小小的游客们都感到其乐无穷和紧张刺激。

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