Tripsdrill: Altitude flight in the theme park Ulm old town
Tripsdrill: Altitude flight in the theme park Ulm old town ©Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

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  • Open late March to early November
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  • Disabled-friendly (the paths in the wildlife park, however, have only limited disabled access)



德国最古老的体验公园崔普斯锥尔位于巴登符腾堡州,靠近斯图加特。在这里,游客们可以置身于美妙的大自然中,游览 100 多个原生态的亮点项目: 另外,“猛犸”木质过山车正等待着勇士前来挑战。火车以 80 千米/小时的速度穿越巨型锯木厂。洗衣桶漂流和划浴盆项目将让您返老还童。孩子们尤其喜欢洗衣篮环游、航海家远游和肥皂盒赛跑。 在崔普斯锥尔野生乐园中,喜欢大自然的人们将观赏到 130 多只动物,并可以抚摸和喂食。在每日举行的野外喂食和飞机表演活动中,人们可以获取很多知识。另外,丛林体验线路、赤足路线和冒险游乐园进一步丰富了游玩项目。全家人还可以住在古老的牧羊车中在野外露宿,从 2011 年起甚至可以在原生态的树屋中过夜。


Brand-new at Tripsdrill Adventure Park: a complex of medieval-style houses and towers offers all kinds of fun-packed activities spread over three levels. Inside, there are climbing nets, slides, rope bridges, various games involving soft balls and much more besides – great fun for all ages! The floor is covered by probably the largest game of Ludo in the world. At Tripsdrill's nearly 50-hectare wildlife park, there are around 40 species of animals – from bears to birds of prey – as well as a woodland discovery trail, a barefoot trail and an adventure playground. The regular events are great fun too, such as the colourful Easter 'eggstravaganza' (where you'll find everything you need for Easter), the festival of mills, the harvest festival and the Animal Christmas. And one last thing: what could be nicer than staying overnight in the midst of nature? Just outside the wildlife park, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the forest, Tripsdrill Nature Resort offers lovely accommodation for counting sheep! There are 20 cosy shepherd wagons and five comfortable treehouses available.



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