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Lakes as far as the eye can see – Müritz National Park

Lakes as far as the eye can see – Müritz National Park

Müritz National Park hugs the long eastern shoreline of Lake Müritz, which is by far the largest of the Mecklenburg Lakes in north-east Germany. A 660-kilometre network of trails leads through an enchanting landscape characterised by ancient beech forests, mysterious marshes and huge expanses of water – including more than 130 lakes.

Müritz National Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a stunningly beautiful region with countless lakes. It is also an important breeding ground for rare and endangered large birds – ideal for nature lovers and ornithologists.

The chance of seeing rare animals close up, such as the endangered white-tailed eagle, pairs of ospreys in Federow and cranes, makes any excursion along the numerous cycle and walking trails a voyage of discovery. In the eastern part of the national park near Serrahn there are even specially constructed hides where visitors can watch the wildlife. Swedish hornless cattle have been grazing near Müritzhof since 1969 as part of a trial, with Gotland sheep being added in the 1980s.

There are a large number of cycle trails on which to explore the region, and the national park office regularly conducts guided walks. But visitors are not restricted to cycling or walking when it comes to discovering the new and unexpected, as boats and canoes provide excellent alternatives. Larger pleasure boats are often able to accommodate bicycles on board. Canoeing trips on the Havel river and the 'Alte Fahrt' circular route are an excellent way to get to know this rich and varied landscape. The Heinrich Schliemann Museum in Ankershagen is dedicated to the life and work of this famous archaeologist. The town of Waren with its old quarter and steamboat cruises is also well worth a visit.

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