Berlin is big, Berlin is exciting and in Berlin there is an incomprehensible amount to see, by day or night. A trip through the city you won't forget.

The Construction of the Wall. The fall of the Wall: There is probably no other German city where you can trace this historic moment better than in Berlin. And, therefore, your first day in the capital begins with a tour along the Berlin wall. It is great to travel by bicycle. Those who prefer to walk, feel free. You can start at the East Side Gallery on the banks of the Spree: this open-air gallery shows works by various artists dealing with this subject, and painted on the remains of the Berlin Wall.

The stuff of crime thrillers: Checkpoint Charlie

From there, you are within walking distance of Checkpoint Charlie, certainly one of the most exciting sights in Berlin. After all, the former border checkpoint is a reminder of the Cold War and a divided Berlin. The place is also the setting of an assortment of thrillers and spy novels, such as James Bond’s “Octopussy”.

Back to the Future

Spend the early afternoon enjoying the here and now. Let’s go to the Reichstag, the home of the German Bundestag. Germany is governed from here. It captivates with its glass dome, designed by the architect Sir Norman Foster. Both the dome and the roof terrace can be viewed free of charge. Not too far away is one of the most historical landmarks of the city, the imposing Brandenburg Gate on the edge of Berlin’s Tiergarten. That is also worth visiting. But now it's really time to freshen up and get acquainted with Berlin’s nightlife.

Do you enjoy vegan delights? Or prefer Donner kebabs, currywursts and similar? The choice is yours. Vegans take the train to Friedrichshain. Everyone else head towards Kreuzberg, to Markthalle Neun and Bergmannkiez, for example. In these districts which are as idyllic as they are multi-faceted, you feel a sense of life in Berlin even more intensely.

Climb the TV tower, get in on the fun

Day 2. Only 24 hours left. You have already dived into the depths / (shallows) of German history. Now it's time to get a good view of Berlin. You can do this brilliantly from the famous TV tower. Spend your lunch in the Hackesche Höfe, which are as beautiful as they are famous: here you can eat and do a bit of shopping. Afterwards, it's back to the culture, but just at a gentle pace.

A look at: Berlin's Museum Island

The Museum Island is also one of the city's important sights. The ensemble of buildings is located directly on the Spree and consists of five museums. You can get a particularly wonderful view of one of the most significant museum complexes in Europe, from the water. So, what to do in the afternoon? A boat trip along the Spree.

German past, German present

The evening draws near, but before you take a seat on a barstool, visit the Topography of Terror Documentation Centre. This museum is an imposing reminder of the darker part of German history, the Third Reich, and its atrocities.

Now it's off to the Prenzlauer Berg district. To Kastanienallee, to be exact. You can spend your evening here. And if you still want to enjoy some drinking and partying, Weserstrasse in Neukölln is a good place to go.

But now we have to say goodbye and hope to see you again!

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