Cityscape, Landscape, Riverscape: Bremen offers all this and much more. This picturesque city on the Weser river is also appealing from a cultural point of view. Take a stroll with us and enjoy the fresh air.

Bremen, which is so beautiful, also has the scent of the sea. And the North Sea is not far away. But the city with its beautiful Hanseatic houses actually stretches along the Weser river. And because maritime life in Bremen is concentrated particularly at the Schlachte harbour, this is where your morning excursion will begin. So the day starts in a relaxed way, with a walk along the promenade. Here, excursion boats gently bob in the river and the stately harbour complex is a reminder of Bremen's historical importance. It's great that there are many restaurants and pubs here too. Why not stop here for lunch? Afterwards, do as the people of Bremen do. Rent a bicycle and go for a ride.

Tracing Bremen's History

Remember, practically all the sights are within walking distance. Whether on a bike or on foot, you can spend your afternoon in the inner city. Experience more of Bremen's history in the market square. The old Town Hall is particularly impressive with its detailed facades from the 17th century. This is also the site of the approximately ten-metre-high and 600-year-old Roland statue, a symbol of freedom and free trade. The Town Hall and Roland statue are both classed as UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Beneath the Town Hall you will find a quaint pub, the Ratskeller. A little further on is St Peter's Cathedral and from its viewing platform a hundred metres above the ground you get a great view of the city and the surrounding area. On the west side of town you can find another Bremen landmark, the animal Town Musicians of Bremen.

Where to in the evening? Back to the Schlachte. On the way to the Weser promenade, you will pass through the narrow Böttcherstrasse with its expressionist brick buildings. This small alleyway holds a mix of art, gastronomy and culture. Of course, you could just stay here for the evening as well.

Day 2 in Bremen. Good Morning

Today Bremen's oldest district, the Schnoor is on the morning agenda. Here, the city's 1,200-year history is brought particularly to life. Strolling through the former fishermen's and craftsmen's quarter with its small colourful houses is always a lot of fun.

Those who want to vividly experience Bremen's past can visit the Geschichtenhaus. Here, actors in historical costumes re-enact scenes from the past three hundred years. Those who would prefer to look at art can head to the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum. The artists were among the early representatives of Expressionism in Germany.

There is a lot of information to digest, so let's take a quick breather. Those who would prefer to do a bit of shopping can also do so in this district.

Rich in Contrasts: Bremens Überseestadt

The afternoon belongs to the Überseestadt. This former docklands area is one of the biggest development projects of urban planning in Europe. Old brick warehouses stand in striking contrast to the modern architecture here. Parts of Überseestadt are still port areas and are still actively managed. It is worth seeing the listed Roland-Mill with its silos and warehouses, as well as the old fire station at the head of the harbour basin. From here you can get a wonderful view of the hustle and bustle on the harbour. Tip: those who would like to experience Bremen and the Weser more personally and intensely, rent a small boat there and sail along the river.

For those who prefer to relax, the stair-shaped seating at the head of the pool overlooking the small marina is perfect for this. And because you will find many cafes and restaurants in this area, you can spend the rest of your evening here.

It's a shame the trip isn't over three days, isn't it? There are still so many exciting museums waiting. So come back again! See you soon!

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