If you want to become a model, you have to visit Düsseldorf. It was not only Claudia Schiffer who was discovered in this city of fashion. If you'd prefer to admire state-of-the-art architecture or art: please be our guest. We'll tell you where to find it.

The City in View, Düsseldorf's Rheinturm

What can be found here? You'll find it all out on day 1. Get the best view of Düsseldorf and the Rhine from the 168-metre-high Rheinturm, Düsseldorf's most well-known building that features a viewing platform. You get what you see, the city, the harbour and also Schloss Benrath. And because the Rheinturm is located right next to the river, you can comfortably walk to the Medienhafen from there.

Düsseldorf's Medienhafen: youthful, extroverted and modern

The Medienhafen part of the Düsseldorf harbour, is particularly impressive due to its often striking architecture. Where warehouses and silos once dominated the port area, you will now find contemporary architecture that enjoys an international reputation: Marvel at the expressionist building ensembles of star architect Frank O. Gehry. The Medienhafen gets its name from the companies based there, in particular agencies and media have their headquarters here. The interplay between the antique quay walls, stairway supports and historic railway tracks, and the contemporary architecture, is charming to see. Those who would prefer to see it from the river should book a boat tour. Oh yes, don't forget about lunch in between.

Düsseldorf's museums: Spotlight on Emerging Art

Spend your afternoon near the city centre. Those who like photography, contemporary art, digital culture, design and pop culture should visit the NRW Forum. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is equally significant, with its exhibition houses K20 and K21. The permanent collection of the houses contains works by Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian, Klee, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter. And the Düsseldorfer Film Museum is a paradise for cinema lovers. In the heart of the city, on the banks of the Rhine, this interactive museum offers an insight into the world of cinema from its beginnings to the present day. And where to in the evening?

The grand staircase of the castle tower offers you a particularly picturesque view of the city. If you would like to mingle with locals, head to the Rhine Steps on the Rhine promenade and enjoy a beer here. Otherwise: head for Düsseldorf's old town: around 260 pubs and restaurants as well as home breweries await you here.

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Day 2 Today the Königsallee is on the agenda. Have your credit cards ready. Or maybe you should hide them away: On the Kö you can be tempted by luxury designer fashion brands. The shops on Düsseldorf's number one shopping mile for the major fashion labels are strung together like pearls. Shopping is also good in the nearby Kö-Bögen. The building was designed by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind and that alone makes it worth a visit.

Go for a bike-ride along the Rhine

Tired of shopping? It's good that the Rhine offers some respite. Rent a bike for the afternoon and cycle along the Rhine. The Himmelgeister Rheinbogen with its Lower Rhine cultural landscape and the Urdenbacher Kämpe, Düsseldorf's largest nature reserve, are very popular. The Benrather castle grounds are also particularly nice to visit. If it happens to be very hot, Düsseldorf's urban sandy beach is to the west of the Medienhafen. The view of the Düsseldorf skyline is phenomenal.

In the evening, the Nordstrasse is a good place to meet the locals. There are also numerous trendy locations waiting for you at the Medienhafen. Wherever you go, have fun and we hope to see you soon!

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