With 60 museums, an enchanting, new old town, cider and the bank of the River Main, the Hessian city has more than just a pretty, sweeping skyline. Those who live here can always find something to do. Frankfurt, you are so wonderful.

Frankfurt is as multi-layered as it is compact. Many important attractions can therefore be easily discovered with a walk around Frankfurt's city centre. Good for you. And so, day 1 begins in the heart of the city. Take a leisurely stroll through the alleyways of Frankfurt’s Old Town, recently rebuilt in 2018, with its medieval half-timbered houses. Climb the 328 steps up the tower of St Bartholomew’s Cathedral. The view from the 66-metre-high viewing platform is really marvellous. The smallest district in Frankfurt around the historical Roemerberg is also home to St. Paul’s Church. Here the National Assembly created the first democratic constitution for Germany.

Art and Cuisine: This is Frankfurt

No need to leave for lunch. The area is rich with exemplary restaurants or cosy museum café’s, the choice is yours. And because of the vast array of exciting museums located in the old town, the next thing on the agenda after lunch is a visit. The Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt is one of the most respected galleries for modern and contemporary art in Europe and is located practically in the Old Town. For children, we recommend instead a visit to the Youth Museum around the corner, which is part of the Historic Museum.

Fancy going shopping in the afternoon? Those who have a taste for luxury will find themselves content with Goethestrasse. Only a few minutes away is the charming Opera Square, one of the most eminent music theatres in Europe. Or perhaps you prefer smaller shops and stores? Then lead the way to Sachsenhausen. It doesn’t take long. Find youthful fashions in the pretty Brückenstrasse and nearby is Frankfurt’s wild club district, the Sachsenhäuser Old Town. Those looking for a bit more refinement might head for Schweizer Strasse. Here many restaurants await. Alongside international cuisine, there are also typical Frankfurt cider taverns. A must-try dish in any case is Frankfurt Green Sauce. In spring, there is even a festival celebrating the dish and the herbs themselves are cultivated mostly in the district of Oberrad. Your best bet would be to spend the rest of your evening here. This is what makes Sachsenhausen what it is.

Frankfurt's fresh air pearl necklace: the Museumsufer

The Frankfurt Museumsufer in Sachsenhausen is practically unique in Germany. And so begins your second day. Those who are interested in the history of film can visit the film museum. Those who like design, should take a look around the MAK. The park here is also enchanting, with pleasant café-restaurants. But in any case, take a stroll to the Städel. This museum is one of the most important German art houses with over 3000 paintings from different eras.

Pleasant and Always Interesting: Along Frankfurt's Main Promenade

Straight after lunch, a long walk is in order. Follow the Main River, then cross a bridge and you are in the east of the city; here you will find the idyllic Ostpark with a skate park and a view of the European Central Bank. Those who would like to, can have a look round Hanauer Landstrasse, the former rugged industrial quarter. Otherwise, it's now back to the city centre, along the Main promenade. You are already familiar with the Museumsufer, the Städel and the film museum, but how about the Jewish Museum diagonally opposite? The new permanent exhibition in Palais Rothschild tells the story of how Jewish people shaped Frankfurt, with interactive stations and historical objects. If you fancy something culinary, head to the wonderful museum café or stop by the Kleinmarkthalle. Here at noon on Saturday, many locals meet for a drink.

The farewell draws near. But don’t forget Frankfurt

What are you in the mood for in the late afternoon? A stroll along Oeder Weg, a visit to the youthful district of Bornheim with an assortment of shops and cafes, or would you rather go back to the Main? In spring, the bank of the River Main becomes a recreational destination for Frankfurt residents. On the extensive lawns, the people of Frankfurt enjoy winding down for the day with a view of the imposing skyline. You can also enjoy this. You can also spend pleasant hours in the secluded park with café of the Liebieghaus Sculpture Museum.

In any case, have a great time!

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