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Festive sparkle in Germany

Festive sparkle in Germany: candles, mulled wine and snow-laden woods

Snow covers the ground like icing sugar, church bells chime in the distance, and Christmas trees sparkle with golden lights: the whole country seems to be transformed into a magical land in the festive season. People come together and sing traditional songs, drink toddies by flickering candlelight, bake almond stollen cakes, make straw stars and decorate their homes with colourful baubles and fairy lights. Germany is a country that is rich in traditions, and this is illustrated particularly impressively in the festive period. From the 'Jöölboom' on the island of Sylt to 'Räuchermann' incense smokers in Saxony and steam train trips with Santa Claus in Saarland. Let's embark on a virtual journey through fairy-tale winter landscapes together.

A fairy-tale Christmas castle

A heavenly spectacle

A maritime stroll through 'Holy Hamburg'

Aachener Printen (gingerbread)

Angels and flower children

Christmas as in days gone by

Christmas markets for nostalgics and citizens of the world

Dresdner Christstollen (Dresden Christmas stollen)

festive fun in the snow

Gifts for forest animals

Head torch walking in the Swabian Alps

In the Chrismas Bakery

'Jöölboom' with tasty treats

Magical glass baubles

Snowshoeing through a winter paradise

Up the mountain with Father Christmas

Wild geese herald the arrival of winter

Winter fun under palm trees

Tradition & customs: cookies, candles, roast goose

The Advent season in Germany is full of traditions and customs passed down through generations. People bake cookies, make straw stars and, just like in olden days, sing songs of peace and joy by candlelight. In a welcome change to busy lifestyles during the rest of the year, people take time to enjoy the sense of calm and come closer together. These are some of the most important traditions that have a special place in family life.

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