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Climate House Bremerhaven

The Climate House Bremerhaven 8° East is a fascinating world of interactive learning based on science and research. Visitors are invited to get to grips with all things climate in a way that will impact on their lives forever.

Designed to resemble a boat, the Climate House features several exhibitions that take visitors on a climate journey around the world. The "Perspectives" display, for example, follows climate change through the ages, from its natural causes to the man-made climate crisis and where it may all end up in the future. All the key facts are presented and the impacts on various regions around the world are demonstrated.

Multimedia installations, interactive exhibits, aquariums and so much more bring the rooms to life for an unforgettable experience guaranteed. Three separate areas give visitors the chance to experience the climate in all its glory with all five senses. Take your pick from dry cold, muggy humidity and burning heat! The entire WorldFutureLab exhibition area is designed as a game, encouraging visitors to get creative and save the world. There is even a helicopter flight simulator at the Climate House. Opening times: April to August: Monday to Friday 9 am–7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am–7 pm, September to March: Monday to Sunday 10 am–6 pm

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