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German Pharmacy Museum Heidelberg

The German Pharmacy Museum is situated in Heidelberg Castle, one of Germany's finest Renaissance buildings. Its collection showcases the history of the apothecary trade from ancient times right up to the 21st century.

The world's most extensive collection on the history of the apothecary trade is on display in ten stunning rooms inside Heidelberg Castle, a famous landmark. Visitors can also find out how people utilised the healing power of nature in the Middle Ages and the early modern period in particular. There's plenty to fascinate and amaze visitors alongside the herbal remedies amongst the some 1,000 medicinal products. The fully maintained interiors of historical pharmacies from the 17th to 19th century and the collection of valuable apothecary vessels made of glass, glazed earthenware and brightly coloured maiolica are well worth checking out.

In the domed apothecary tower, the laboratory boasts an impressive selection of equipment. Not to mention that the apothecary gardens at the German Pharmacy Museum are absolutely beautiful and home to no end of plants that would have grown on the castle hill back in the 16th century, in the medicinal garden of the electoral court pharmacist at the time, Philipp Stefan Sprenger. Opening times: April to October: Every day 10 am–6 pm, November to March: 10 am–5.30 pm

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