Easy language in Germany

Easy language in Germany

For many people language is hard.

It can be difficult to understand or read.

That is why there is easy language.

In German this is called: Leichte Sprache.

You pronounce it like this: Like-ta Shpra-ka.

In English it is sometimes called: Easy English.

Or: Easy Read.

Most people can read and understand easy language well.

Easy language has some rules.

People with learning difficulties helped create the rules.

Information and booklets in easy language

Easy language can help you plan your holiday in Germany.

Search the internet for information in easy language!

For example: ideas for your holiday.

If you understand some German words

then Leichte Sprache can also help you.

Usually you can find Leichte Sprache on websites of cities and regions.

Information signs in Leichte Sprache

You can go on walks in many places in Germany.

On the walking paths there are usually information signs.

Sometimes they have information in Leichte Sprache.

Sometimes there are also signs like these in museums.

You can ask about the signs before you visit.

Tours in Leichte Sprache

Some tour guides can speak in Leichte Sprache.

For example you can find tours:

  • in cities.
    A tour guide tells you what is special about the city.
  • in museums.
    A tour guide tells you about the museum.
  • in nature.
    A tour guide shows you animals and special plants.

Ask about tours in Leichte Sprache!