Here you can find ideas for your holiday in Germany.

For example:

  • What you can do.
  • What you can see.

Cities in Germany

A holiday in the city means you can:

  • shop and celebrate in big modern cities,
  • wander through beautiful streets in small old towns,
  • sit in a cafe or have a nice meal,
  • see famous buildings,
  • enjoy time in museums.

In Germany there are many big and small cities to choose for your holiday.

Beautiful nature

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Germany!

In the north there are:

  • sea,
  • beaches
  • and islands.

In the south there are big mountains.

In between there are

  • lakes and rivers.
    You can go on a boat.
    You can cycle along the lake or the river.
  • mountains and forests.
    You can hike or climb the rocks.
  • fields, meadows and vineyards.
    You can see special plants and animals.
    In many places the plants and animals are protected.

Fun and relaxation

Germany has great swimming pools.

In some places the water is special.

If you are sick, the water can make you feel better.

The places with this special water are called: Kurorte.

In German that means: a place that can cure you.

It is like a spa or health resort.

Often there are slides and a sauna in the swimming pools.

A visit to an amusement park is really fun!

You can ride a roller coaster.

That is great for families or friends.