www.ehtta.eu/portal/en/Baden-Baden, a chic little town in the south of Germany, is surrounded by stunning scenery and is home to stylish hotels, lush green spaces and no end of health offerings.

The twelve thermal water springs have been unleashing their impressive healing powers ever since the Roman era, with the water bubbling up from 2,000 metres below ground packed with trace elements and minerals such as lithium and magnesium. Visitors to the spa can expect this powerful water to ease cardiovascular disorders, rheumatic diseases and joint complaints, but people with metabolic disorders and respiratory diseases will also be impressed by its lasting healing effects. Whether visitors head to the health clinic, spa or wellness hotel, they are sure to find an outstanding selection of exclusively tailored treatments waiting for them.

Baden-Baden is part of the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns, an international network of sustainable tourist destinations, all rich in history and cultural heritage, that use their thermal mineral waters for health and well-being.


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