Visitors to the 220-hectare Serengeti Safari Park in Hodenhagen can experience the African animal kingdom up close and admire a great many species thanks to the Petting, Jungle and Serengeti Safaris.

The Serengeti Safari allows visitors to see lion prides, bison, giraffes, tigers and zebras roaming free from the comfort and safety of their own car or the safari bus. There are no vehicles allowed for the Jungle Safari, though, as visitors explore the space in which 200 monkey species and the newly added Bennett's tree-kangaroos live. The Petting Safari is visitors' chance to feed and cuddle alpacas, donkeys and goats. The Safari Park is recognised as a zoo and is one of the leading breeding facilities for elephants and white rhinoceroses in Europe.

Boasting more than 40 rides and all kinds of shows, the Adventure Safari provides ample opportunity for animal-inspired fun of a different kind.

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