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What would you like to discover on your holiday? Authentic holiday regions with their own character? Climate-friendly, green cities with modern transport options? Pristine natural landscapes where conservation is combined with entertaining and informative activities?

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New ideas for sustainable holiday adventures

Germany has called on its cities and regions to take part in a tourism sustainability competition for the third time. The focus is not on abstract concepts, but on the impact and practical relevance that the submitted projects can offer.
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Germany's Pathway to Sustainability

Have our travel ideas made you want an environmentally and climate-conscious holiday in Germany, but you haven't quite found what you're looking for yet? Click on your chosen state on the map, and learn more about the possibilities for a sustainable and rejuvenating holiday in your favorite region.

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This selection is based specifically on the publication "Anforderungen an Unternehmenszertifizierungen für nachhaltigen Tourismus in Deutschland", 2017, Die VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e. V. ("Requirements for company certifications for sustainable tourism in Germany", 2017, The CONSUMER INITIATIVE e.V.)