Frankfurt am Main: View over the Main to the skyline ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

Inspiring Germany

Many museums on the Main

Not only is Frankfurt the finance hub of Germany, boasting an impressive skyline and one of the largest airports in Europe, but its museum scene, with around 60 institutions, knows no equal.

At Eintracht Frankfurt, the stone eagle mascot, Attila, has watched over the 125-year-old traditional club's home games since 2006. The team anthem, "Im Herzen von Europa", sung by thousands of passionate fans, lends a special atmosphere to the stadium and weighs heavily on the opposing team. When not in the stands, spectators feverishly watch from one of the many football bars across the city.

Birthplace of democracy

Frankfurt is a centre of democracy in Germany. One symbol of this is the Paulskirche, a former church building in which the first imperial constitution was passed in 1849. It is only metres from the Römerberg, the town hall square, with its rows of scenic half-timbered houses – the result of a large-scale reconstruction effort. A lesser-known relic is the medieval Judengasse. The exposed foundations of five medieval buildings can be viewed at the Judengasse Museum.

"Museum Mile" on the Main

Walk across the Alte Brücke or the Eisernen Steg and take in the beautiful skyline on the southern shore of the Main. Explore the exhibits at the Museum Embankment, such as the Film Museum or the Museum of World Cultures. Be sure to visit the world-famous Städel, which features collections of European art spanning 700 years. While there, catch a glimpse of the portrait of famous Frankfurt resident Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. On the northernmost bank of the Main, you'll find the Schirn Kunsthalle and the Museum of Modern Art, both worth a look.

Apple wine and "green sauce"

Even if you visit just a small selection of the nearly 60 museums in Frankfurt, taking it all in is thirsty work. Refresh yourself in one of the apple wine bars in Sachsenhausen, a popular nightlife district south of the Main, or in the lively, trendy Nordend. Pair your apple wine with a Frankfurt specialty: "green sauce" with potatoes and eggs.

Along the shopping strip the Berger Strasse, which extends nearly 3 kilometres through Nordend and Bornheim, spend the day of popping into unique shops and boutiques. Take a load off in the evening in one of the quaint restaurants or bars. Or watch a performance at the Alte Oper, the legendary concert hall founded in 1880.

Green city, green landscape

The city on the Main is surprisingly green, with over a third of its area covered in green spaces. The city centre is surrounded by a belt of greenery and a network of cycling paths. The surrounding areas are perfect for day trips, too. Nearby Taunus has three nature parks, and the Hochtaunusstraße stretches 55 kilometres, calmly winding through low mountain ranges.

Other great day trip destinations include Aschaffenburg and the famous Johannisburg Palace or the beautiful baroque Philippsruhe Palace in Hanau.