With the option of setting your own itinerary each day on a home-from-home holiday at a budget price and with nature on your doorstep, camping offers a whole host of advantages and the options range from basic to glamping. If you like it extra close to nature, then trekking is probably just the right thing for you!

Those in search of an authentic natural experience can simply roll out their sleeping bag under a starry sky and grill a few sausages on the barbecue, while more demanding travellers can look forward to all the comfort of a lodge and gourmet dining on site at a five-star campsite. Between these two camping holiday extremes, Germany offers a plethora of options to suit every taste. More than 1200 certified campsites from the coast to the Alps invite you to explore this simple and economical way of travelling.

Variety for every taste

Outdoor enthusiasts can usually find lots to do as soon as they leave their tent, from hiking to cycling, climbing to canoeing. Many campsites are also right on the doorstep of pretty towns and cities, making them an ideal base for cultural activities. Visitors can enjoy a completely relaxed holiday, staying at the campsite and exploring the many and varied leisure options, from volleyball and bowling or wellness. Families will appreciate facilities such as indoor and outdoor play areas, childcare and petting zoos.

Wilderness Camping Permitted: Trekking Sites for Camping

Trekking sites are legal wilderness camping sites where hikers and even canoeists are allowed to pitch their tents for one or two days. Sometimes they are also called bivouac sites. Most of them are only sparsely equipped. The trekking sites are havens for hikers who want to roam through the great outdoors for several days or weeks at a time. In addition to designated areas for pitching tents, they often offer simple composting toilets and fireplaces. Some of these wild campsites need to be booked in advance, while others can simply be explored. Some of them are even free of charge. But where in Germany can you find them? We’ll show you some areas where trekking is possible on the map:

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