The Ems Cycle Route follows Germany's smallest river from its headwaters at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest all the way to the North Sea. It is fascinating to see how the River Ems is transformed from a tiny trickle of water to a magnificent flowing river.

Both the river and cycle route start by meandering through the Paderborner Land region and Gütersloh area, before covering a further three regions. The landscape surrounding the headwaters boasts sand dunes, pine forests and wetlands as well as towns with traditional half-timbered buildings. The extremely flat route continues along the Ems river meadows, passing through the Münsterland region famed for its fairytale moated castles. Following on from the vast moors and heathland in this riverside setting, things take a maritime turn thanks to the ports, locks, weirs and the traditional old ferry in Ditzum. The route ends with one final highlight near Emden, where the river flows into the North Sea.

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