This long-distance cycle route through Franconia and Hesse boasts exemplary signposts, route guidance and accommodation tailored to cyclists all the way from the headwaters of the River Main to its estuary.

The River Main starts in two places and so does this tour. Cyclists can either pick up the route in Creußen, at the source of the Red Main (Franconian Switzerland region) or in Bischofsgrün (Fichtelgebirge Mountains).There's no wrong decision as both are as wonderful as each other. Once in the village Mainleus (Franconian Forest), the river Main is rejunited. Passing through the Upper Main Jura region, referred to as "God's Garden" in the Song of Franconia, the path leads to Bamberg Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meandering through the Steigerwald region and the Hassberge Mountains, the river makes its way to Schweinfurt, into Franconian Wine Country, the Charming Tauber Valley and the Spessart Mainland. Having passed through Frankfurt, the tour ends in Mainz, where the Main flows into the Rhine.

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