Roman legions once marched up the River Lippe to seize the region between the Rhine and Elbe Rivers – without success. These days, it is cyclists who conquer the riverside route as they explore in the footsteps of the Romans.

This route is centred around traces of the Romans, which can be found one after the other along the longest river in North Rhine-Westphalia. Starting at the Hermann Monument in the Teutoburg Forest, the long-distance cycle route links museums and sites where Roman camps were found and brings the past to life. Back in Roman times, the river was the lifeblood of the region. To be fair, not much has changed there. Water and its importance for human life is a constant feature, with everything from Odin's Eye at the river's source to bathing lakes, riverside meadows, canals and locks. Along the way, cyclists pass through varied regions such as the Teutoburg Forest and the Münsterland, Sauerland and Ruhr regions. The Roman-Lippe Route is the first long-distance cycle route in Germany to be certified by "Reisen für Alle" as a fully accessible cycling destination.

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