At the Usedom Island Nature Park, popular seaside resorts on wide sandy beaches are juxtaposed with mighty steep banks, lakes surrounded by hill ranges, flat moorland and dunes.

The nature park is known for its wide variety of habitats within a restricted space. Whilst the east of the island features hills towering up to 70 metres high, lakes, the largest lowland moor in the area known as the "Switzerland of Usedom" and around ten kilometres of cliffs, visitors in the north are treated to flatter terrain with marshy lowlands and vast areas of dunes covered in pine trees. There are also lagoons with tranquil bays and traditional old fishing villages just waiting to be explored in the nature park. Reeds stretch out for kilometres along the bank of the Peenestrom strait, which separates the island from the mainland. Fish and birds make the most of this habitat for breeding, eating and resting.

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